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Terms of Service

General terms of Service

  • Dē Italia is represented by M/s MVS E-Retail Private Limited (referred to as "the Company").

  • Invoicing is done at the beginning of each project stage or order schedule.

  • For product orders, a 70% down payment (half the product price) is required before design or production starts. This down payment is non-refundable once design is confirmed.

  • Clients are encouraged to review design details and specifications before payment. Changes after production starts may incur additional charges.

  • The remaining balance must be paid before delivery unless otherwise stated.

  • Late payments (14 days after the invoice date) may result in work suspension.

  • The Company retains ownership of delivered items until full payment is received.

  • Intellectual property rights are retained by the Company unless specified.

  • Price discrepancies may lead to additional invoicing or order cancellation.

  • Work schedule and design may change based on current circumstances.

  • External subcontractors' involvement is not our responsibility.

  • Overseas orders are subject to supplier availability; we may use alternate materials if needed.

Custom products (Build to Order)

  • Customized furniture follows agreed designs; changes may occur for technical reasons.

  • Material and design decisions aim to meet deadlines, budgets, or project complexity.

  • Minor aesthetic differences (up to 80%) are acceptable in custom pieces.

  • Materials specified in drawings and contracts are typically used; unusual materials must be requested before production.

Orders, Variation-in-Orders, and Changes

  • Payment confirms product orders; verbal/written acknowledgment is provided.

  • Additional items due to site conditions or client requests are treated as variation orders.

  • Variation orders require full payment before work begins; work may be suspended for up to 5 days.

Delay or Discontinuation of works/Cancellation of Items:

  • Termination or discontinuation of work retains the non-refundable deposit as payment for completed work.

  • Cancellation of product orders is not accepted; payments are forfeited.

  • Invoices for work, including design and fabrication, may apply if work is terminated.

  • Work may be deferred upon cancellation for new contractual arrangements.

  • Work may be terminated if a contract breach or unexpected event occurs.

  • The Company can cancel product orders at any time; the deposit may be refunded within two weeks, without interest or compensation.

Warranty of Items:

  • Dē Italia warranty doesn't cover upholstery, normal wear and tear, cushion flattening, sun-induced color fading, rough handling, corrosive materials, improper use/maintenance.


  • Delivery dates are estimates; no liability for delays.

  • Full payment required before scheduling delivery.

  • In-stock items must be received within 3 days; failure incurs warehouse charges.

  • Inspection upon delivery is encouraged; defects must be reported immediately.

  • Defect claims will not be accepted after acceptance.

  • Storage fee may apply as 0.5% of the invoice value if the client has delayed in receiving the order with-in 3 days post placing the order with us; prolonged storage may result in disposal.

Inspection and Acceptance of Products:

  • Client should inspect products upon delivery; defects reported immediately.

  • Manufacturing defects will be resolved; rental fee for unpaid items may apply.

  • Natural wear on finishes is not a defect.


  • No returns accepted; costs for return borne by client.

Liability and Responsibility:

  • No responsibility for design/construction issues post-acceptance.

  • Not liable for product-related damages or injuries.

Personal Information:

  • Client information treated confidentially but may be used for marketing.

Governing Law, Duties & Taxes:

  • Governed by Hyderabad Judicature.

Company Reputation Damages:

  • Company aims for high reputation and integrity.

  • Reserves the right to take legal action for defamation.

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